Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby Shower Cake: Buttons & The Pregnant Lady

Here's an adorable idea for baby showers. We teamed up with Whisk KL who provided the yummy red velvet cakes + cupcakes to come up with a cutesy theme : vintage buttons & a pregnant lady combo. Of course we had to have baby things (ie. baby booties, bottles, ball) as cupcake toppers to fulfill the baby shower quota!


  1. my goodness this is awesome......i wanna so sweet....please tell me if you do classes too...coz i will be the first.....

  2. Thank you dear! Well we have actually never thought of organizing classes, but if we do, we'll definitely let you know! Thanks for the idea and definitely thanks for the love xxx

  3. oh when u say u teamed up with whisk - does that mean they bake the cakes and u did the design? can you do for my niece's birthday as well? how can i contact you? i love whisk's red velvet cake!!!!